Ensure Your AC is Working Properly This Summer with These Tips

Every household has an AC unit, especially since it’s summer time. AC has become a necessity. They are essential to giving you and your family a pleasant atmosphere in the scorching summer.

But, for several reasons, your AC can breakdown, causing lots of inconvenience to you and your family. An AC that is not maintained regularly or taken care of will start functioning inefficiently and cause an increase in utility bills.

Therefore, proper care and regular maintenance are musts for your AC unit. To use your AC for your comfort for a long time, you have to be proactive about its maintenance.

Here we have complied a list of things to check in order for your AC to work properly and give you a comfortable and pleasant summer.

  1. Maintain the cleanliness of the filters
    One of the simplest and most basic things to do to ensure the proper working of your AC is to clean its filters regularly. Over time, filters get covered in dust, dirt, and get clogged with debris. This will cause your AC to work harder as dirty filters will get in the way of proper airflow. It can also affect the quality of the air circulating in your room. Therefore, it is advisable to clean your filters regularly and, if necessary, get them replaced. Proper air conditioner maintenance makes sure that your AC unit remains efficient and keeps on serving you for years without any major breakdowns.
  2. Clean the coils
    Another major factor to look into while maintaining an AC is checking the coils. The condenser coil and evaporator coil are major components of the Ac. They can collect dirt or dust over time, which can reduce their efficiency. When dust gets collected on the coil, it can cause the coils to become irradiated, which can further reduce their ability to absorb heat. This can prevent the AC from properly cooling the air in your room.

    Your outside coils can also get dirty over time. That means checking both the indoor and outdoor coils is an important thing to do.
  3. Keep an eye on the outdoor unit
    Outdoor units are often overlooked, but people forget that excess dirt or debris on the outdoor unit can also cause big issues with the AC. Debris or excess dirt can hinder the air flow. Therefore, you must make sure that the outdoor units are clean and clear of any obstructing elements like branches or vegetation that might be surrounding them closely. You should make sure that there is nothing obstructing your outdoor unit for about 2 feet around it.
  4. Examine the refrigerants
    A refrigerant is an important chemical that compresses and condenses to give cool air flow throughout your room. Any issue with refrigerant will directly impact the quality of air you are getting. Over time, the a/c unit might get low on refrigerants or leak through the ducts. As a responsible homeowner unit, it is your responsibility to keep refrigerants in check.
  5. Consistent check up
    As obvious as it sounds, regular check-ups are the key to the long life of your AC. You should schedule regular maintenance with an experienced, licensed, and certified technician at regular intervals. This will make sure that smaller issues are noticed at an early stage before they become big and cause a breakdown of your AC.
  6. Make sure the condenser unit fan is in good working order
    The condenser unit fan is an important component as it cools down the refrigerant gas. If it doesn’t work properly, your AC unit will no longer cool the room as it should. If there is any weird rumbling or rattling sound coming from your unit, chances are there is a fault with your fan. It is important to get a professional to have a look at it and fix it.

Summer is in full swing and you will definitely want your AC to work properly without any hiccups. Frequent breakdowns can be frustrating, especially in the summer. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to properly maintain your AC unit. With proper maintenance and professional help, you can maintain the long life and efficiency of your AC for a long time. With these quick guidelines, you can make sure that your AC has a long and happy life. Happy AC means pleasant summers.

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