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The monsoon season has started in almost all parts of India, such as Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat, Bengal, Bangalore, Tamilnadu, Delhi, Punjab etc.. We are happy to experience the freshness of nature during this time especially if you are bikers and love to ride during the rainy season, but some things that nobody likes are wet clothes and having muddy water on our clean clothes – these things don’t let us experience the monsoon to its fullest extent. So we look for something that can keep us dry and comfortable no matter how heavy the downpour is.

To keep you dry during the rainy season, a raincoat is essential. Raincoats are made of plastic fibres or cotton and can keep your clothes dry too. The problem is that there are many different brands of raincoats, making it difficult to choose just one.

This is a guide to the best raincoat for men in India, which will not just protect you from the heavy rain, but will also last you a good time.

Best Raincoat in IndiaPrice
The Clownfish Rain Coat for Men₹829 – ₹1,699
Ben Martin Rain Coat for Men₹999
FabSeasons Double Layered waterproof raincoat₹770 – ₹1,499
Duckback Solid Men’s Rain Suit₹999 – ₹1,250
Regular Men’s Regular Raincoat₹999
ZEEL Seam Sealed Raincoat₹1,679 – ₹1,899
Amazon Brand – Solimo Water Resistant Polyester Long Rain Coat₹549 – ₹649
Bulfyss Reversible Double Layer Waterproof Raincoat₹1,099 – ₹1,299
Motoway 100% Waterproof (Multi Colour) RAIN Suit₹599
Wildcraft Maroon Hypadry Unisex Rain Cheater Suit E Plus₹1,499

The Clownfish Rain Coat for Men

If you’re looking for a waterproof raincoat that you can use while biking, then you should check out the Clownfish Raincoat. This rain coat is made from a durable and waterproof fabric that will help keep you dry and safe in the rain. Available with a Zipper bag so that you can easily take it with you without any hustle. And if you’re looking for a stylish raincoat that will make a statement, the Clownfish raincoat is perfect for you.

  • Premium Material: made from a double layered polyester fabric that is leak proof and has an overlying flap to help keep the water out.
  • Overlaying Flap with Snap Button Over Zipper: Every joint is seam sealed with additional leak proof stitching making it completely waterproof. Overlaying flaps with snap buttons over zippers prevents water seepage.
  • Adjustable Hood: It comes with adjustable hood and high collars
  • Safety: Travelling during night or low lighting? No need to worry, if you are riding in low light, front and back reflective stripes will assure you safety.
  • Perfect for: Bikers, Office Goers, Hiking, Camping, Cycling, Construction Workers, Farmers, etc.
  • Easy Storage: you can store this raincoat in a zipper bag, which makes it easy to carry with your backpack/bag for handy use.
  • Range of Colours: Available in 3 colours, so you can choose according to your style or taste.
What We Like
  • Quality of the fabric is very good
  • Stitching is Leak proof
  • Hood is adjustable
  • Comes with Spacious cross pockets
  • Reflective stripe for safety
What We Didn’t Like
  • Cap comes with raincoat is not properly aligned
  • Carry bag is little small in size

Buyers Review:

I wore it for 45 mins while travelling and single drop of rain didn’t entered inside. First class quality of item including stitching and buttons. I am really impressed with the product. Looks like material is long lasting.

Ben Martin Raincoat for Men

Ben Martin rain coats are made from high-quality polyester fabric that is water resistant and durable. The coat is designed to keep you warm and dry while you’re out in the rain.

  • Breathability & Quick-drying: Keeping airflow circulation in mind, this allows you to stay comfortable even in the most humid conditions.
  • Reversible: The outer layer is made of a double-layered polyester fabric that is water resistant and easy to clean.
  • Small inner pocket: perfect for keeping your mobile devices and other expensive items safe while you’re out in the rain.
  • Easy Storage: The coat has a zipper bag that can be easily stored. It is also comfortable to carry in your backpack or on your bike.
What We Like
  • Comes with inner mobile pocket with storage bag
  • It is 100% waterproof
  • Double layer coating
  • It has extended hood with adjuster
  • Stitching is leak proof
  • Elastic Waistband makes it more comfortable in rain
What We Didn’t Like
  • Stitching is little loose
  • Pocket is small

Buyers Review:

Best product with fantastic quality. I am 5.10 feet with athletic build so i choose an XL size. It was bit oversize but that made easy to accommodate my backpack as well. Stitches are sealed with fine quality of tape and not a single drop will enter inside even in heavy rain. I will say, this is the best raincoat and you won’t regret buying it.

FabSeasons Double Layered waterproof raincoat

If you’re looking for a waterproof raincoat that is both attractive and protects against rain, look no further than FabSeasons. This rain jacket is made from two layers of fabric that are designed to keep you dry even in the heavy downpour.

  • Size/Dimensions: Sleeve length from shoulder – 28″, Chest – 45″, Length – 27.5″ and Bottom / Pant Length – 38.5″.
  • Double Layered Protection: The double layered protection ensures 100% protection from water.
  • Adjustable Hood: adjust the size of the hood as per your preference.
  • Light Weight: one of the lightest raincoats available in the Indian market.
What We Like
  • Material is double layered
  • 100% protection from water
  • Adjustable hood
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
What We Didn’t Like
  • Doesn’t have any pockets
  • Cap is not much useful

Buyers Review:

Material they have used is very good, but little heavy compare to other raincoats. I started feeling sweaty after wearing for a while, but quality I must say its top notch. So people who sweat easily find something thinner otherwise this is a great choice.

Duckback Solid Men’s Rain Suit

Duckback is manufacturing an amazing rain suit that is worth buying, which is so good, strong and durable.

  • Adjustable: adjustable to ensure a perfect fit. The hand and pant tips can also be adjusted to ensure a snug fit.
  • 100% Waterproof: Protect your from the rain drops from hours of travelling in rain.
  • Durable: Made from great quality polyester material, this raincoat can be used for at least 3 rainy seasons. It won’t be torn with the rough use.
  • Safety: They come with reflective stripes that make them more visible during inclement weather or during low light.
What We Like
  • Material is of top notch quality
  • 100% Water resistant
  • Two long packets in front side of the jacket
  • Zipper and flap closure
  • Free size makes it easy to walk
What We Didn’t Like
  • The carry bag is small
  • Zipper of jacket is not waterproof

Buyers Review:

Product received was good and strong but it was little heavy in weight. Shirt size received was 40 and trouser size was 34. I chosen XL size and it came perfect for my body. Hand and pants tips are well adjustable with the help of welpro. Best part is it comes with two side pockets.

Regular Men’s Regular Raincoat

If you’re looking for a raincoat that will keep you both dry and comfortable, check out the Regular Men’s Raincoat. It is made with a waterproof and breathable fabric that will keep you dry in even the heaviest downpours.

  • Head Cover Attached: comes with a head cover attached, which makes it perfect for those who want to stay safe in inclement weather.
  • Carry Pouch: A carrying pouch is also included, making it easy to carry along with you while travelling, going to office, school or riding a bike.
  • Made in India: If you are looking for a raincoat manufactured in India, this is the one which you should consider.
  • Reversible: Buy 1 raincoat and use it like you have 2 raincoats. It comes with 2 layers and both have different colours.
What We Like
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Light in weight
  • Windproof can survive in heavy rain and wind
  • Material quality is breathable
  • Becomes dry very quickly
  • Delicate front zip

Buyers Review:

I haven’t used this in the rain till now, still waiting for that heavy rain. But the quality of the raincoat feels like it will survive in the heavy rain. The only thing which I am concerned is about the front zip of the coat. It looks like very delicate and made from low quality of plastic, but in actual I will come to know once I use it.

Bulfyss Reversible Double Layer Waterproof Raincoat

The Bulfyss reversible waterproof raincoat is the perfect accessory for the rainy season. The coat can be reversed for a different look so you can have a feel of 2 raincoats in a single buy.

  • 100% Waterproof: made from high density polyester and breathable fabric that will keep you dry and comfortable even with heavy downpour.
  • Unique Design: has a unique design that includes two big waterproof pockets to keep your mobile and other accessories safe and dry.
  • Breathability & Quick-drying: perfect for anyone who wants to stay as dry as possible and avoid hypothermia. The air-flow circulation system ensures that you stay comfortable no matter the weather conditions. The coat is also quick-drying so you won’t have to spend extra time trying to get it dry.
  • Used for Multiple Occasions: Perfect for routine work, golf, fishing, hiking, camping, cycling, Road construction, timber harvest, agriculture, mining, shipyards, forestry, utilities, hunting, food processing etc.
What We Like
  • Long lasting waterproof protection
  • Double seal design
  • Gives maximum comfort
  • Loose fit
  • Double layer which is reversible
What We Didn’t Like
  • Delicate Zipper

Buyers Review:

This product comes with a double layer, so I can wear it reverse side as well. Adjustable hood is very best feature. It comes with a carry bag so easy to take everywhere. It has reflective strips, so if I am riding in the night, I am visible easily.

Motoway 100% Waterproof (Multi Colour) RAIN Suit

Stylish raincoat with 100% waterproof and comes in multiple colours. This jacket is made from durable, waterproof fabric that keeps you dry even in the heaviest of rains.

  • Hood: One of the coolest features of the Motoway raincoat is the hood, which is adjustable
  • Carry Bag for Bikers: comes with a convenient carrying bag that will make transporting it easy.
  • Tight Elastic at wrist: The elastic wristband is designed to provide a comfortable and snug fit, which keeps you dry even if the rain is too heavy
What We Like
  • Fabric Material is Top Notch
  • Stitching quality is good
  • Carry Bag for Bikers
  • Adjustable Hood
  • I had options to choose from multiple colours
What We Didn’t Like
  • No Velcro at the front

Buyers Review:

The rain suit I received was as per they show in Amazon an quality is too good as per the price. Along with rain coat there was one carry bag to carry it, material is flexible and breathable.

ZEEL Seam Sealed Raincoat

You’ll never have to worry about the weather again with a ZEEL raincoat. Seam-sealed jackets are high neck jackets with hoods that keep you warm and dry all day long, even in the heaviest downpours.

  • Hooded Raincoat: provides complete protection to your head from the rain.
  • Security & Safety: The perfect way to stay safe and secure while out in the rain while low light weather. Reflective logos on the coat will help you to be seen at night
  • Waterproof Pant: waterproof pants will keep you completely dry during the rain, Whether it’s a light rain or a heavy downpour.
  • Carrying Pouch: you can easily take the coat with you when you need it and avoid having to keep track of it.
  • Flap over Zipper and extra Pockets: Comes with velcro and flap over the Zipper. The two front pockets provide additional protection from the rain.
  • High Neck with Cuff Protection: The high neck with cuff protection will keep you dry and comfortable, while the drawstring at the hood and comfortable elastic at the wrist cuffs will ensure water does not seep through.
  • Windproof: It features windproof construction that will keep you comfortable even when the wind picks up.
What We Like
  • reflective logo make our drive safer
  • Waterproof pant and Jacket
  • Extra pockets
  • Fits perfectly as per the size received
  • stylish windcheater
What We Didn’t Like
  • Size is little tighter

Buyers Review:

Finally my search is ended for a good raincoat, as I was searching for it for very long time. It has perfect fitting, best quality material which makes wearing very comfortable. I am using this for 3 weeks and so far so good.

Amazon Brand – Solimo Water Resistant Polyester Long RainCoat

If you live in an area that experiences a lot of rainfall, it is important to have a long raincoat. It helps protect you from debris and other potentially dangerous objects during a rainstorm. Amazon brand raincoats are the best long raincoats for the rainy season.

  • Quality Material: Made from 200 GSM polyester material, this raincoat is both durable and water-resistant.
  • Overlaying flap: The overlying flap over the zipper prevents water seepage, and the coat is also wind and water resistant.
  • Security & Safety: having a raincoat that is both water-resistant and reflective can make a big difference. Amazon Brand raincoats have both front and back reflective stripes to ensure your safety.
  • Front Pockets: Perfect for carrying your daily essentials, such as your phone and wallet. Plus, the coat is lightweight and versatile.
  • Leak-proof stitching: One of the great features is the leak-proof stitching. This ensures that your raincoat will keep you dry in even the worst weather conditions.
  • Zipper bag: It comes with a zipper bag for easy storage, so you can take it with you wherever you go.
What We Like
  • Truly Water Resistant
  • Looks like long lasting and durable material
  • Reflective stripes make us feel safer while night rains
  • Front pockets
  • Elastic enclosure on wrists
  • Leak-proof stitching
What We Didn’t Like
  • It doesn’t have a pant, otherwise best quality

Buyers Review:

This product is meant to protect during the heavy rain. It is a long rain coat which lenghts till the knee, so it doesn’t has a pant. One thing I observed was, the zipline seems little delicate, it needs to be of better quality.

Wildcraft Maroon Hypadry Unisex Rain Cheater Suit E Plus

It’s made from 100% nylon, so it’s lightweight and comfortable. Plus, the cheater style makes it easy to adjust to fit any body type. The jacket is also designed with a hood, so you can stay protected from the rain.

  • Elasticated waistband: For a comfortable fit, and is made from waterproof and breathable fabric.
  • Sealed seams: Features sealed seams to prevent water seepage, making it perfect for those unpredictable rain showers.
  • 100% Polyester: made of 100% polyester TPU laminate, which makes it durable and water resistant.
  • Reflective branding: In addition to its reflective branding, Whether you’re out for a walk in the park or riding a bike in low light visibility, this jacket is perfect for keeping you safe.
What We Like
  • Great breathability – Up To 2000 MVP
  • Waterproofing – Up To 2000mm
  • Very light in weight
  • Very comfortable even with high wind
  • Can be packed easily
What We Didn’t Like
  • No cons found as of now.

Buyers Review:

It is thin product compare to other raincoats, but fulfils your requirement very effectively. I have used this week and even a single drop didn’t entered inside. Just one thing I felt is they need to improve the reflector for the bikers and nee better colon shades.

Types of Raincoats for Men Available in Indian Market

Raincoats are essential pieces of clothing that people need in rainy conditions. They can be used to keep you stay dry during the heavy downpour. In India, there are a variety of brands and types of raincoats available, so it is important for you to know which one is the best for you.

  • Poncho Raincoat: The Poncho raincoat is the perfect shelter from the rain. It is made of waterproof fabric and it has a hood that can be pulled over your head to keep you dry. The Poncho raincoat is also available in a variety of colours and styles, so you can find one that fits your personal style.
  • Pocket Raincoat: Pocket raincoats come in all shapes and sizes, designed to fit different body types and weather conditions. Some are made of water-resistant fabric, while others are made of soft materials that will keep you warm but may not be as durable in harsh weather conditions.
  • Quechua Raincoat: Quechua raincoat is made from 100% cotton and has a heavy duty fabric. It is also water repellent and breathable.
  • Waterproof Raincoat:
    • Full-coverage waterproof raincoat– This type of raincoat will cover your entire body and will protect you from the elements. It is also good for those who are looking for something that will keep them dry all day long.
    • Raincoat with hood– This type of raincoat has a hood that can be pulled over your head to protect you from the weather. It is not as good at protecting you from the elements as the full coverage option, but it is perfect for those who want something lightweight and easy to wear.
    • Raincoat with taped seams– This type of raincoat has taped seams that help it to keep you watertight. However, it does not have a hood, so it may not be ideal for those who want protection from the weather.
  • Tropical Raincoat: A tropical raincoat is perfect for a summer day in Indian weather. They come in many different colours and styles, so you’re sure to find one that fits your personality and needs.
  • Water Fighter Raincoat: The water-resistant coating ensures that your jacket will resist getting wet even in heavy downpours. The jacket is also designed to allow your body to breathe, which is important if you plan on spending a lot of time outside in the rain.
  • Jumpsuit Raincoat: A jumpsuit raincoat is a Raincoat style that is made from a stretchy material that fits like a shirt. They are perfect for days when you want to be comfortable and stay dry.

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7 Things To Look For When Looking For A best quality raincoat for men in India:

See the 7 major factors which you should consider when buying a good quality of rain suit for men in India:

  1. Make sure the raincoat is lightweight, so you can carry around easily
  2. Make sure the raincoat is waterproof or water resistant
  3. It should be comfortable because you are wearing the raincoat during the harsh conditions like heavy rain or storm
  4. Maintenance of the raincoat should be easy (like drying or packing should not take time)
  5. Make sure raincoat material is not so hard that it lost its shape with frequent use
  6. The seams of the raincoat must be sealed
  7. Check the length of the raincoat before buying whether it is meeting your requirement of length.

Frequently Asked Questions About Raincoats:

What are some best raincoat brands for men in India?

Clownfish, Ben Martin, FabSeason, Duckbag, Regular brand, bulfyss, Motoway, Zeel, Wildcraft are some of the best raincoat brands available in India.

What raincoat material is the best?

Raincoats made from silk or linen are the best.

Nylon or Polyester: which is better for raincoats?

Over nylon, polyester has more benefits. Polyester is more water repellent than nylon. Therefore choose a raincoat made from polyester.

What makes a raincoat waterproof?

Coating of Durable Water Repellent(DWR)makes raincoat waterproof.

As we all know, it can be seriously raining in India these days. So, what’s the best raincoat for men to keep us dry and warm? Well, if you live in India and are looking for a lightweight raincoat that will keep you comfortable during wet weather, then I would recommend checking out the above options from Amazon.

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