5 AC Installation Tips Every Homeowner Must Know

With summer getting hotter every year, the AC is not just another appliance but a necessity these days. An AC is a great source of comfort, cool, and convenience in the hot days of summer. An AC is a big investment, so it is important to do proper research before buying one. Even after buying, there are many things to look after at the time of installation to run your AC at its optimum condition. The AC’s performance is highly impacted by its installations as well.

Getting your AC successfully installed is more than just getting the equipment to work. There are several factors to look into for the proper installation of your AC. Here we have a quick checklist to go through to make sure your AC installation is up to the mark.

Here are some of the installation tips to consider when you are installing your AC.

  1. Choosing the right size
    Needless to say, choosing the right size of AC is one of the crucial steps toward living a comfortable life. If your AC is small, then it won’t be able to cool your bigger halls, whereas a large AC for your small space is just a waste of money and energy.

    Today, there are three types of AC options available on the market for you to choose from: window ACs, split ACs, and portable ACs.

    The size of the AC is measured in tonnes, which is chosen considering the size of the space you want to cool. In order for the AC to properly cool, the size of your space and the size of the AC must be in sync.
  2. Choosing the right place
    Ideally, your AC should be installed in such a way that direct sunlight does not fall on the indoor unit. Direct sunlight can heat up the unit, causing the AC unit to work a little extra hard to cool it down. In return, you will have to bear the extra cost on your utility bills. Therefore, avoid using hotter space in your house for AC installation.

    Since AC is not supposed to be installed in hotter parts of the house, it doesn’t mean that now you can install it in the shade, like behind curtains, plants, etc. The AC should be placed in a well ventilated area.

    The most important consideration when deciding where to install an air conditioner is to avoid any fire hazards.

    Avoid positioning your AC near trash cans as well. Because air conditioners circulate air, placing one near a trash can may cause the air around the trash can to circulate. It can be a smelly situation.
  3. Effective Duct Work
    Before installing, you need to make sure that the duct work is up to the mark. The joints should be sealed properly in order to avoid cool air leakage. Old or damaged duct pipes leak around 20% of cool air. Hence, such faulty duct pipes make your AC work hard to cool your room and hence consume more energy, resulting in higher utility bills.

    You can ask a professional to check the ductwork thoroughly to fix and avoid future issues with the ducts.
  4. Addons
    You can always upgrade your AC with add-ons. Keep a list of your requirements before purchasing an AC. Accordingly, you can decide what add-ons you can have to make the whole experience more convenient. For example, you can have a heat pump installed. This will enable your AC to be used for both cooling and heating.
  5. Select a seasoned and licensed contractor
    It is important to get the installation done by an experienced contractor. With their experience and knowledge, they will make sure the installation is done up to the mark. They are able to provide the best installation and repair services without committing to any errors, and with their expertise, they can guide you with your add-on requirements as well.

AC is a necessity. It is important that it works at its best capacity to give you a comfortable summer. In order for the AC to work properly, it should be installed in a place that helps it give optimum performance.

If your AC is not installed properly, you might feel unsatisfied with your AC’s performance. Therefore, it is important to get it installed with the help of a professional. A licensed, experienced, and certified professional can get your AC installed the right way. With our tips above, we hope you have a great summer.

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