Top 10 Best Gear Cycles Under 10000 In India 2023

best cycle in India under 10000

The trend of cycling has been increasing rapidly due to various reasons, but fitness and lifestyle aspects top the list. It is an easy and fun way to stay healthy and fit. Cycling is a low-impact exercise that can be done by the people of every age group.

It helps protect from various dangerous diseases such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and others. Not only this, but it is also an impactful tool that helps in reducing fat and obesity. Thus, if you are looking for Best Cycle under 10000, you are at the right web place. From here, you will fetch pin-pointed details regarding Best Gear Cycle Under 10000.

Summary of Best Cycles under 10,000 in India

Top 10 Cycles Price ListPrice
Hercules Roadeo A50 Large 26 T Mountain/Hardtail Cycle (21 Gear, Yellow)Check Latest Price
Hero Rapid 26T 26 T Road Cycle (21 Gear, Red, Black)Check Latest Price
Hero Sprint Next 26T 18 Speed Mountain Bike (Red and black, Ideal For 12+ Years)Check Latest Price
Ampa Cycle for Adults with Front Shocker and Dual Disc Brakes Semi Fat Bike for Men & Women with Triple Alloy Rims (Matte Green/Camouflage/Army Graphics) (Warrior 26)Check Latest Price
Omobikes 1.0 Lightweight Hybrid Cycle with Alloy Rims, Anti Rust FrameCheck Latest Price
Omobikes Bikes Hampi 700Check Latest Price
Hero RX2 26T 21 Speed Sprint Cycle with Disc BrakeCheck Latest Price
Cyclo India TATA Stryder Harris 200 27.5-inches Single Model MTBCheck Latest Price
Hercules Roadeo Hank 2018 26T Single Speed Premium Geared Cycle (Black)Check Latest Price
Mach City Aluminium iBikeCheck Latest Price

Hercules Roadeo A50 Large 26 T Mountain/Hardtail Cycle (21 Gear, Yellow)

Hercules Roadeo A50

Key Elements

  • This cycle comes with 21 gears that are best for adverse road conditions.
  • Have front suspension.
  • Contains disc brake for front and wire brake for the rear.
  • Attractive & Premium Design.
  • Apt for boys & men.
  • Frame material is made up of lightweight and robust aluminum/alloy.

The first cycle that tops the list of Best Cycle under 10000 Rupees is the Hercules Roadeo A50 Cycle. This brand didn’t need any introduction! Hercules Roadeo A50 Large 26 T Mountain/Hardtail Cycle is a premium model available in radiant yellow color with theme graphics.

The Hercules Roadeo A50 Cycle is the most demanded and preferred cycle. It is a gear cycle that comes with easy fire shifters/thumb shifters, dual suspension, and disc brakes for sudden braking.

This cycle comes with 26 inches TI Tire and a frame size of 18.5 inches apt for rough road conditions. On top of this, it is ideal for city roads too. Moreover, it comes with a warranty of one year. This cycle’s performance is excellent, and you can comfortably ride up to 25 Km per day.

Hero Rapid 26T 26 T Road Cycle (21 Gear, Red, Black)

Hero Rapid 26T 26 T Road Cycle

Key Elements:

  • Available at budget-friendly prices.
  • Packed with some exciting & powerful features.
  • Apt for teens and boys.
  • Frame made with superior steel.
  • Hero Rapid 26T 26 T Road comes with more than 20 Shimano gear.

The hero is a renowned, well-established, and largest brand that produces more than 5.2 million quality cycles every year. It manufactured cycles that suit every budget. Hero Rapid 26T 26 T Road Cycle comes at the second place in the list of Best Cycle under 10000 For Adults.

It is ideal for boys above 15 years of age and a minimum height of 5.5 feet. Hero Rapid 26T 26 T Road Cycle’s tire size is 26 inches, and its frame size is 17 inches. It is a perfect Speed Sprint Cycle for fitness freaks.

Safety is the first concern of the Hero brand; that’s why it provides this cycle with 21 gears and Revo Shifters. Not only this, disc and wire brake offers extra support to the cycle! It comes in red and black color with a unique design. The seating posture is very comfortable.

Hero Sprint Next 26T 18 Speed Mountain Bike (Red and black, Ideal For 12+ Years)

Hero Sprint Next 26T 18 Speed Mountain Bike

Key Elements:

  • Have 18 Speed-Gears.
  • 26 inches-tires ideal for all types of road conditions.
  • Dual Suspension.
  • Available in a red and black color variant.
  • Comes with a contented and flexible seat.
  • Have a mudguard that prevents dirt and mud.
  • Ideal for track riding.

Hero Sprint Next 26T, 18 Speed Mountain Bike, is third in the list of Best Cycle In India under 10000. It comes in bright, vibrant colors and is best for riders whose height is between 5 ft 4 inches and 5 ft 10 inches.

Anyone above 12 years of age can enjoy a comfortable and unforgettable riding experience on Hero Sprint Next 26T 18 Speed Mountain Bike. Moreover, it is easy to assemble and comes in a semi-assembled condition. All you need is to attach some parts before riding it!

It is a dual-suspension mountain bike that comes with a steel frame and caliper brake. This mountain bike has powerful, sturdy front and rear brakes that save you from worse road conditions.

Ampa Cycle for Adults with Front Shocker and Dual Disc Brakes Semi Fat Bike for Men & Women with Triple Alloy Rims (Matte Green/Camouflage/Army Graphics) (Warrior 26)

Ampa Cycle for Adults with Front Shocker and Dual Disc Brakes

Key Elements:

  • Ideal for men & women.
  • Have Triple Alloy Rims.
  • Extraordinarily Lightweight yet sturdy cycle.
  • Have Dual Disc Brakes & Front Shocker that makes it more beautiful.
  • Front Suspension Fork.
  • Attractive looking cycle.
  • Offers Comfortable riding posture.
  • High-quality steel frame.

Ampa is the Indian largest growing brand that produces premium quality tech-savvy cycles with the latest techniques and designs. You will get stylish cycles in eye-catching designs and attractive colors at a budget-friendly price.

Ampa Cycle secure fourth place in the list of Best Cycle under 10000. It comes with a comfortable and adjustable seat that offers a relaxed ride. It is an ideal bike for your fitness routine. Apart from this, it is apt for regular activities.

Ampa Cycle comes in semi-assembled condition. It helps you explore your cycling passion by providing exciting features that include Anti-slip pedals, In-grip rottary bell, front suspension fork, powerful front and rear brakes for a secure braking system.

Omobikes 1.0 Lightweight Hybrid Cycle with Alloy Rims, Anti Rust Frame

Omobikes 1.0 Lightweight Hybrid Cycle

Key Elements:

  • Have a rigid suspension.
  • Trendy & Elegant Design.
  • Lightweight – It weighs only 12.9kg!
  • Available in green and red color.
  • Have an adjustable seat.
  • Double Anti-Rust Coating.
  • High Tensile Steel Frame.
  • Have multipurpose use – can be used for cycling, fitness, city, sports, and exercise.

Omobikes 1.0 Lightweight Hybrid Cycle is packed with some astonishing details and features. Its remarkable quality and the affordable price makes it stand on fifth place in the list of Best Hybrid Cycles under 10000.

Omobikes are lab tested and certified by the cycling experts. It offers a hybrid riding position that is best for a speedy and comfortable ride. Moreover, free accessories such as mudguards, bell, strong stand, lock, and other tools are also provided.

The frame size is 18.5 inches and is suitable for the people in the age group of 12 to 35 years. A two-year warranty on frame is an additional benefit for buyers. With its eye-catching and trendy style, it helps you in standing out from the crowd.

Omobikes Bikes Hampi 700

Omobikes Bikes Hampi 700

Key Elements:

  • Super comfy PU Saddle.
  • Outstanding Design.
  • High tensile frame.
  • Comfortable PU grips.
  • Quill type handlebar.
  • Apt for kids, adults & senior citizens.
  • Lab-tested.

Are you seeking for a modish, exceptional and colorful Best Cycle under 10000 Without Gear? If yes, then go for Omobikes Bikes Hampi 700! Omobikes delivers cycles in fashionable, attractive, and at a reasonable price.

If you are a fitness freak, then it proves to be the best companion for you. This cycle is best for men and women in the age group of 16 to 35 years. You can ride this cycle from about 5 to 15 km daily. Easy to ride for people having feet 5 inches to 6’3″ feet height!

It has robust pedals for long life, dual disc brakes, and long-lasting, durable treaded tires with a frame size of 18.5 inches. For an extra smooth ride, it provides BB cotterless set along with super stylish alloy rims.

Apart from above-given features, it plays an essential role in providing relief from joint pains and helps in reducing fat and brings smiles on people’s faces.

Hero RX2 26T 21 Speed Sprint Cycle with Disc Brake

Hero RX2 26T 21 Speed

Key Elements:

  • Have powerful Caliper Brakes.
  • High-quality cycle at a competitive rate.
  • 21-speed Shimano gear.
  • Dual shock absorbers.
  • Made with superior steel
  • Best for teenagers and adults.

Hero RX2 26T 21 Speed Sprint Cycle is a high feature Best Gear Cycle In India under 10000. This cycle is suitable for riders above 12 years of age and height between 5 ft 4 inches to 5 ft 10 inches.

It is an impressive Speed Sprint Cycle that comes in semi-assembled condition with 21 gear speed. You can buy Hero RX2 26T 21 in red and black color variants made with a unique criss-cross design.

If we talk about brakes, then it has caliper front and rear brakes that is complement a steel frame and rigid suspension. It has a tire of about 26 inches with a frame size of 17.5 inches.

Cyclo India TATA Stryder Harris 200 27.5-inches Single Model MTB Speed Bicycle Heavy Tyre Road Bike for 15 Years and Above, Person Height 5.5-6.5 ft (Matte Black, Semi Installed)

Cyclo India TATA Stryder Harris 200

Key Elements:

  • Suitable for 15 years and above.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Powerful Rear V-Brake & Front Disc Brake.
  • PU Padded Saddle.
  • Steel Telescopic Threadless Suspension Fork.
  • Complimented with Cotter-less Chain Wheelset & Steel Crank.

Cyclo India TATA Stryder Harris is the perfect cycle for kids above 15 years of age. It is a Heavy Tyre Road Bike that can be used for sports activity and road touring. The whole body of this cycle is made up of mild steel that ensures safety.

It has half alloy brake levers, PU Padded with quick release saddle, and an attractive and eye-catching body. Cyclo India TATA Stryder Harris is apt for riders whose height is between 5 feet 5 inches and 6 feet 5 inches.

The size of the wheel is 27.5 Inches, and it comes in matt black shade in semi-assembled condition.

Hercules Roadeo Hank 2018 26T Single Speed Premium Geared Cycle (Black)

Hercules Roadeo Hank

Key Elements:

  • Ideal for kids above 11+
  • Apt for those who have a height between 4.4 feet to 5.5 feet
  • Have V-brake for disc and rear.
  • It is made of durable and mild steel.
  • Have front suspension.
  • Premium Geared Cycle in yellow and black variant.
  • Offers durability and robustness.

Hercules is a well-recognized and popular brand that manufacture millions of cycle every year at affordable rates. It is the first choice of many people because it offers advanced features, bold design at cost-effective prices.

This Roadeo cycle comes on the second last position in the list of Best Gear Cycle under 10000 For Adults. It is an ideal steel hardtail bike equipped with a double-disc braking system. This cycle has an artistically curved bottom tube with Front suspension.

This cycle rides well and comfortable. It has muscular front reflectors along with rear reflectors. However, it does not come with mudguard, stand, carrier, chain cover, lock, and bell.

Mach City Aluminium iBike

Mach City Aluminium iBike

Key Elements:

  • Durable Nylon Tyres.
  • Perfect for Boys & Girls.
  • Quick Release Front Wheel.
  • Comes in vibrant yellow color.
  • Disc brake & Lightweight steel frame.
  • Low maintenance.

If you are looking for bicycles that commute around 10 to 15 kilometers a day, then don’t think twice go for the Mach City Aluminium iBike. It is a unisex single-speed ibike that is equipped with comfy foam saddle to ensure a smooth ride.

To make it more long-lasting and durable, thermoplastic rubber grips are provided. It has a lightweight steel frame with a wheel size of 26 inches. If you are planning to buy the best cycle under 10000, consider Mach City Aluminium iBike and enjoy riding to the fullest.

Essential Points To Be Keep In Mind While Buying A Cycle!

Cycling is an apt way if you wish to utilize your free time as well as for some physical workout. We all know that cycling has numerous benefits! It helps in reducing fat, obesity, and other severe diseases such as cancer, heart problems, etc.

Not only this, but it also leads to a healthier path in our lives and helps us in making fit. Despite this, it can be used as a mode of transportation, exercise and meditation all at one time. Thus, if you are thinking to buy a cycle, then there are various factors you must consider before picking or ordering any cycle.

For your ease, we have mentioned some important details along with a piece of advice that will assist you in selecting the best cycle at an affordable rate. Have a look!

# Consider your Budget:

Fixing a budget is the first and foremost step that you need to do before buying a cycle. It is the trickiest part! Once the amount is set, it is easy to look upon other things. To a great extent, fixed amount of money will also narrow down your options. So, keep 10% flexibility!

# Decide the Purpose:

Once you fix your budget, now you are required to decide the purpose of buying a cycle. Ask yourself, why you wish to purchase it? Is it needed for adventure biking, commuting around city streets or for fitness purposes?

# Choose the Right Cycle:

After deciding the amount you want to spend along with the purpose to buy the cycle, you need to choose the right cycle! There are hundreds of options available in the market; thus, it becomes difficult and tricky to pick the right one.

As you have fixed the budget and purpose, it becomes a bit easy to select the right cycle according to these parameters. You can choose from three popular cycles such as Hybrid Bikes, City Bikes and Mountain bike.

City Bikes: If you are into long-distance cycling, then city bikes are perfect for you! These are specially designed for smooth roads in a super sleek design. City bikes are very comfortable, fast and speedy!

Mountain Bikes: MTBs is also known as Mountain Bikes! These are easily found on the Indian roads. It is mostly used for fitness and physical exercise. It has some advanced and tech-savvy features that make your ride more boosting and speedy. Mountain Bikes also have high-quality shock absorbers! So if you are looking for an adventure bike, then must buy this!

Hybrid Bikes: These are the combination of mountain and city bikes. Hybrid Bikes have large and padded seats with some advanced features that make your riding experience more thrilling, fun and unforgettable.

# Do Some Researching:

After selecting the right type of cycle as per your budget, and purpose, it’s time to do some online researching! Firstly visit the manufacturer’s web page along with other competitive sites. Look out for some crucial features that comprise of gears, frame size, material, type of brakes, color, graphics and other essential aspects.

# Always Check Reviews:

Checking review will always help you in picking the ideal product. By checking real time info, you will get to know about the exact details and other relevant information that you need to know before making a purchase.

# Go & Test Ride the Cycle:

This is the most vital factor that you must consider before purchasing cycle! Find the nearest store and test ride the bicycle. It is essential to feel the products before finalizing it. Carefully examine and analyze the features and other things while riding it. Lay more focus on pros and cons of the cycle.

# Place to Buy:

There are numerous places to buy high-quality bikes. Below given are the advantages and disadvantages of buying products online and offline. Have a look!!

If you Buy Online:


  • You are not able to take a test ride!
  • Need to assemble the cycle yourself.
  • The returning factor will stress you!


  • You will get various money-off vouchers, promotional offers, and free accessories.
  • You will find products at discounted rates!
  • Can check review quickly.

If you Buy Offline:


  • Offers products at a high price.
  • No discounts, vouchers!
  • Limited products to choose from!


  • You can go for a test drive.
  • Seek expert help and advice.
  • Can take help from cycle specialist in assembling the parts.

If You Buy From Dealer Directly (Online):


  • You will not be liable to receive any discounts while making a purchase.
  • Test ride will be not offered!
  • No service package will be provided.


  • You can access to the brand’s full line and can select accordingly from various options available.
  • Can make a better selection based on prior-model year sales.

Other Specifications & Components:

# Frame Type: Frames are like the main pillars of the bicycle. So, it is essential to select the right frame before purchasing a cycle. There are three types of structures such as steel frame, aluminium frame and carbon frame. So, choose wisely from the available option!

# Brakes: Brakes are the supporting system of cycling. Thus, before buying must consider the brake type. You can select from two options available such as V-brakes and disc brakes.

# Suspension: Well, the suspension depends upon the agenda of buying the cycle. Again, there are two types of suspension, such as Front suspension and full suspension. Full suspension is apt for adventure sporting, mountain biking. However, the front suspension is suitable for city and hybrid bikes.

# Frame Size: This is another essential factor you must think while making a purchase. Thus, before buying a bicycle must go through the frame size that you need to consider according to your height.

This is all about choosing the best cycle! If you consider the points and information mentioned above before buying a cycle, then you will get the best-suited cycle for yourself. Not only this, but it also provides you with the best products at pocket-friendly rates with maximum features that boost your ride to the fullest.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Is The Best Time Of The Year For A Cycling Around In India?

Well, you can go for cycling anytime as per your convenience. But you can enjoy cycling to the fullest from October to February with guaranteed sun head.

How many types of cycles are there in India?

There are 13 types of cycles in India, namely:
– Road Bicycles
– Hybrid Bicycles
– Comfort Cycles
– Road Bicycles
– Single Gear Cycles
– Fixed Gear Cycles or Fixies
– Mountain Bicycles
– Fat Boy Bikes
– Trail Bicycles
– Roadsters
– Free Wheel Single Gear Cycles
– BMX Bikes
– Folding Bikes

What is the difference between the normal cycle and gear cycle?

Normal cycles have a single gear ratio while gear cycles have multiple gear ratios. The speed of normal cycle depends on how fast or slow you pedal. Moreover, gear cycles are ideal for long-distance cycling.

Does the height & weight of the cycle is essential while making a buying decision?

Yes, these are two crucial aspects one must take into consideration while buying a cycle. To a great extent, if you purchase a lightweight gear cycle, then it will prove beneficial for regular use as well as for sports activities. However, if we talk about height, then you must consider the right frame size before buying any cycle! As height plays a vital role in a comfortable cycling experience.

How many bicycle companies are there in India?

There are more than 25 bicycle companies in India, including Atlas, Avon, BSA, Hero, Hercules, Firefox, Huge, Montra Cycles, Mach City Cycles and various others.

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